Jee Main Problems | Matrices | 2013 To 2017 | Chapterwise Solutions – By Nitesh Choudhary

Jee Main Problems | Matrices | 2013 To 2017 | Chapterwise Solutions – By Nitesh Choudhary

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Hello friends in this video we will discuss previous elj main questions from the topic matrices jitney be questions matrices chapter message a made me push again they are given our mobile app as an assignment to Masyaf is good try kazakhstan could say or matrices chapter cage it may be offline exam a online exam may be architecture paper may.

That is paper number to engage it may be J&K questions and would be sorry solutions ear wise.

They are also available in our mobile app you can download our mobile app from the link given in the video description let us start with this question any question poocho get the.

Same in 2013 in the offline exam that is the written paper the question is if P equal to a pic 3 by 3 matrix.

Given it this make variable alpha Marquis of a constant terms is the adjoint.

Of a 3 by 3 matrix it or information given a mod of a equal to 4 how may find kearney a alpha key value to.

Subset belly-up information wrote.

Down Kalitta metrics for year mod a key value Miata Akiba Robin or here join take matrix K 3 by 3 to P calmly separed joint of it you happy Madhavi likely therefore key barbara how my alpha key value Kearney have fine this is our question to happiness of information KO hunkering use to happy Mordecai basically MATLAB key determinant of the matrix it or matrix a KC connected a matrix a connected adjoint a say you key happy be.

A he RI to appear may eat oppa tiny Lake enum a P matrix Pattaya Tommy Cassidy Kirk a.

Mod equal to use karna padega to more day generate karna padega to Scalia misinformation Caillou’s caring it yeah p.

Cowling is do not roughly Linga determinate jobs complexity a mod to see me Aleksic their mod of be equal to mod of adjoint it has some unique read QQ snake egg Ahmad of adjoint a Jota mod a key terms me who that who formula Marcus Athena picker down discuss – yeah Pam made joint a commode case accordion define agaric matrix a has n by n matrix a it should be a square matrix W square join define curtain buscar determine idea mod who skully cajeta.

Power and -1 + e not cut the order of the square matrix you have the question may give an icky scared joint a 3 by 3 matrix my club NQ Ellicott near 3 K but up ahead TRP agar and q3 put cutting it to say Mirage a.

Mod of adjoint a bouquet of Jagger.

Mod a key power 3 minus 1 which is basically nothing but mod a cos square history case a mod of adjoint a coke identifying the important formula high scope note down curse attain squat Thea Nikita happy.

Happy mod a key value put carding a fork a Brahmin she has a mod of P that is determinant of matrix P miljacka 16 K / Abba Abba made determinant of beam path ie 16 give Rivera or determinant of PM yossel except there is K for me yeah piss determinant to.

Expand curse expand to say I’m a camel jockey each equation magic alpha male.

With severe am alpha T value hooker in a fight to.

Win RPM licking it modified join.

Take yoga yoga mod of P Kiba Robin is codifying carrying it therapist determinant cooker Inge expand expand caring.

About the first row to first row me Pele element 1.

K about expand currently this part cooker linga height serie Vega is K cross multiplication 3 multiplied by 4 minus 4 multiplied by 3 that is 12 minus 2 Alaia plus sign case a atif aslam kelly second element juggling a row Vanka this may all talking about expand carrying it this cooker ng-hide Seraphin calling.

A cross multiplication why i got one x four minus two x three lake any happy negative sign the attire for the second element the third element kelly a 3k nailing it.

Do you happy height carrying evil element whose mia bling is a cross multiplication 1 x 4 minus 2 x 3 so i got 4 minus 6 lake in 30 leotta positive.

Sign 2 plus minus plus history case a car thing explained his co-op simplifying a320 a yoga remaining terms cancel a guy op e 2 alpha minus 6.

Kebab abyss comic wait kar sakthe 16 K.

Bar-abba who say phenomena calls at a alpha t.

Ji 11k barber job cancer Metzker jaga option number two seed equation.

Pooch Agatha jae-min 2013 may in another online exam the question is let s equal to y m- IAI has said set me given a achmet ryx to buy to order key for your HR elements given it or own elements are related for given a IJ belongs to another set 0 1 & 2 or information given a a one-man equal to.

A to do with libido no elements can equal and how may happen define karma then the number of non singular matrices in the set s Tommy a checker my key edge of elements and put Carini happy he values 0 1 or.

2 – scoffs ma ba matrices count Kermie jus non singular oniy j IC kidney matrices possible hell – subsequently amia peace information Kuno down callate this is the matrix.

Which we have been given happy happy given a key a 1.

1 or a 2 – okay equal him he schematic I yelled oh no elements can same him to endure no elements come assume Carla thunk use key value collect lay down a quebrada a bumpy occurring a happy next the edge of elements a a 2 1 or a 2 2 a 2.

1 or a 1 2 in Kobe M define callate a 2-1 College Latham be a 1 to connect lay down a pit seek a bobbin as I.

Make only Kentucky berry berry a 1 1 a 2 2 SN erich.

I am a bowling a a B or C he cetera case I am carrying cushion kusa however my question may recover kiju a IJ.

1 or 2 his command club AI jacob basically Matt lepay I or J basically a values F 1 1 1 2 2 1 or 2 2.

2 basically ki h ro elements came RMA he.

Bought quran you Giugiaro elements a yeah to 0 16 Yvonne yeah – yay values really suck there suzka basically MATLAB a key to a B or C a elements of neon define key focus Kobe long kar sakthe you have to 0 and Lilly sucked a yeah one value LASIK thing.

Sucked in to a Josiah sky basically a MATLAB history case Emily matrices cookie I had defined however my question made to.

Find current number of non singular.

Matrices in the set s League in Wailuku here beta D tau.

K gamma total number of matrices find Kearney ot – hum KC fine cutting whose cavada may be questioned cooker in his son so total number of.

Matrices get any possible hungry -.

Total number of matrices comma Club jimena P char boxes cook fill current EHR boxes can represent cutting inch are elements who represent contain a 1 month uconn’s element a caval element a to to console him entire element of newt is carrying it to do new boxes many say me color Savannah is coming the Biagio element agra we element agra a information question may given.

Him for his own elements different to certain to include different color.

Semen ARP denote Kea AHA me a good number of mattresses counter near so I’m hugging her box can account curry getting a.

Possible option set so happy is box comcastic as a filter certain is me zero fill kar sakthe possible a when we filled kar sakthe to be fill Cossack there.

So Joe first box a matrix cup is qualm teen 30 case a fill curse.

At their making a bee on PA box go to teen tarik Yousef will connect Ithaca Niki near.

Box kaffir on a key 3k safe in Kazakhstan you can pay Joe value I give EMP I put Kanye Peggy a condition cushion may given it this box call a key 30k seville Cossack there again happy value 100 Jaggi 3.

Happy B value mu J 1 put Kearney pedigree so there is only one made in this switch in which this box can be filled a but I don’t know boxes this may Spock scale is making a query striction in a 0 has.

A time when we has expired to be as a.

Pen Kohi element has a pair lick in 2k lava or 0 or 1.

Kayla Baku element Niaga to teen 30 cases box cooker sucked air fill similar 30 case a is box Kobe fill Carnegie.

Tini 30k possible and 0 1 and 2 to 3 number of a say a box we fill chaos at that so total number of matrices countering Ukiah 3.

X 3 x 3 x 100 value our jayegi 27k per hour these are the total number of matrices possible how may question may count Kearney a total number of non singular matrices in.

The set s of non singular matrices 27 Saito coming only so option month Amara Assyrians Ernest ACTA non singular battery Cisco basically MATLAB chaotic a C matrix discs are determinate anoche a not equal to.

Zero a singular matrix is cobalt Ange is called a determinant jota has 0 so a condition apply carrying a hamachi is matrix pair is Kagura may determine and define Caramba Luciana Chi.

Not equal to 0 and H a up a 1 1 a 2 2 a 2 1 or a 2 a 2 1 or a 1 2 key value mu a put kar sakthe well UK a B or C so here when you happy man I put caddy he say lik name is Andrea determinate three a value ID.

A square minus BC watch a not equal to zero his come a club a B or C.

KS e values lineage is Kelly a square is not equal to BC who not child yeah may count karna as he kidney matrices homely Avianca occurring opposite 30 case account currently.

Hung count incurring a bow matrices G Scalia a square hoga bck baba or am G occurring he was could.

Subtract culling a total number of matrices in to a Moran sahaja yoga a magic us all Quran – kim.

Youjung hepatic Regina be option say whose my coffee butter number in our pra jogar may a square not be equal to BC count.

Karma – Musa’s odd accounting.

To me Chaka Miyagi Yuki subtracting it tubby answer ki guy buddy value K Baba Yaga show.

Me happy options may severe carrying a check Tommy a paycheck curtain is square equal to basically 3 ampere make develop a bond a little AB subset Pelham a key values kaput curtain a key value some calculus octane equal to lasik 10 who say square yarmulke I got pork.

A Baba take a valium 1 LASIK there who say square I Ivanka Prabha a key value M 0 B LASIK there who say.

Square Agassi row kappa Robin hobb Amiga Carmen be multiplied by C D or C key values behind Selenia 0 1 or 2 say product to onaji a square k barabara machi that is called – foot – penny value for K bar over.

On each ear to be or sequel ism callous act aeneas a who say roughly 16 – or to physically carrying a product for k baba yaga next value on each a j1 k bar over 2 B or C key value some careless act am 1 or 1 tubby product monkey baba yaga next a square key value 0.

K forever a B or C key value some careless expand to equal to 0 Unni J a tubby product 0 i agra – yah – homeless act and oh no key value 0 yeah – a town a key value 0 suppose when a be key value 0.

Nearly to see up a bun bo Suk time or see happy to do suck time similar 30 case a filmmaker sequel is.

Co 0 la Luna Toby Ottawa no satire be happy to assert that it may possible Tariq ACM B or C key values cook such.

Pain be fine in Sibelius Kelly atl you ATM okay PA 0k Brava who CCS Quenya pika 0 k Barbara took it up a B or C key values yeah happiest matrix mystery case a put cutting it or define carrying a matrices cool – oh sorry matrices make Yaga determinant key value huggy 0 k Brava those will.

Be the singular matrices who count carrying a kitten even yogi that number will be seven.

Eight all seven matrices I’m you happy define current this car determinant 0 I got to agura may define Kearney a disc a determinant 0 9 year to scale icky occurring it.

Total number of matrices may cm subtract carrying a phone number Joe a disc are determinate 0 K Barbara so I got 27 minus 7 whoa values I get 20k murabba Joe up cancer magic azayaka option number force it now let us discuss the next.

Question you question push Agatha jae-min 2013 me in the be architecture paper that is the paper number two the question is let s be the set of all the real matrices or Jaap a matrix a could define K again two-by-two matrix given a a b c and d such that a plus D equal to 2 or aka B equation given a 80.

MATLAB a transpose equal to a square minus 2 it so am i define Carnegie said Tim a set s my kidney I see possible matrices hungry to basically I make a B or C D key values fine canopy a kidney possible a is killing a condition me satisfy on.

Ichi or a condition be satisfied on Ichi yeah Maura question to subsequently I information no down car with a matrix little 8a a.

Plus D K value to give an A or a transpose equal to a square minus 2 it Kaiba Robinette do you have a sub Seppala defined contain a transpose Keeble a transpose defined ki jagah from matrix a 2 transpose to define cage attack ear.

Okay Joe elements within school column K elements Kasatka data interchange to gyro key element of bhujangi column K elements so first row change like a first column a second row change.

Of Jaggi second column a history k CM defined cut the transpose ax bamaca defined.

Car my next term is a square a square is multiplication of a multiplied by this similar game a two-by-two matrix first element is Caixa multiplication or addition to aya ay.

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