Nails Health Reflects Your Physical Health | Best Health Tip And Beauty Tips | Education

Nails Health Reflects Your Physical Health | Best Health Tip And Beauty Tips | Education

Nails health reflects your physical health cardiovascular problems there are certain changes in the nails that can help to indicate cardiovascular diseases splinter hemorrhages is one such condition in which then reddish brown lines appear on the nail bed it indicates vasculitis or heart valve infection these splendors are actually bloodlines clubbing is another condition in which the nails get soft.

Becomes round and wide and appears to be floating above the nail bed this condition is caused by congenital heart abnormalities pale.

Blue or yellow tinge of nails and spoon nails also indicate cardiovascular disease stress and anxiety fifty percent of the kids and teenagers are nail-biters nail biting indicates conditions.

Like stress anxiety and boredom you can avoid biting your nails by stress management techniques and by applying something bitter to the nails like aloe vera juice diabetes painting your nails frequently can cause your nails to develop a yellowish hue but if your nails remain yellow even without applying nail color then they might indicate diabetes diabetes can cause the skin and nails to get pale the nails get pale when glucose connects with the collagen protein present in the nails if you have.

Yellow nails with other symptoms like increased urination and thirst then you should go for a diabetes check up high Royd disorders the thyroid disorders are.

Usually detected with the help of unusual gain or a loss in weight doctors also linked changes in the appearance of nails with I Royd problems.

Ah Nicole assists or plumbers nail is a condition in which the tips or sides of the fingernails or toenails get separated from the nail bed this condition takes place in hyperthyroidism and most often the nails of the ring finger or little finger are affected diseases related to arthritis there are more than 100 types of arthritis if your nails are weak because of selenium deficiency then there are chances that you are having osteoarthritis splinter hemorrhages yellow nails.

Are rippled nails are common.

In conditions like psoriasis sometimes connective tissue disorders also called lupus are indicated by PAH female folds in such a condition the skin near the nail based swells dot sometimes shedding of nails is caused by Kawasaki disease in conditions like rheumatoid arthritis the lunula turns red pulmonary problems if you have.

Blue nails this means you might be having some oxygen related problems such as asthma low hemoglobin pneumonia emphysema and chronic bronchitis apart from these problems blue nails also indicate heart problems if you consistently have blue nails.

That is suggested to consult a doctor injury sometimes white spots appear on the nail bed this condition does.

Not indicate any nutritional deficiency instead these white spots are like bruises and are.

Caused by mild trauma or injury to the nail bed melanoma melanoma is one of the worst kind of skin cancers a Crillon tjanus melanoma is also a particular kind of skin cancer that is detectable by observing the nails if there are dark lines on the nail bed it is better to consult a doctor infections fungus infects about twelve percent of the american population if your nails become crumbling and.

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