Baby Alive Real Surprises Doll Feeding

Baby Alive Real Surprises Doll Feeding

October 6, 2018 0 By Fun With Baby Alive

Baby hey baby girl you got your rattle you have your little rattle is it fun oh you’re playing with your rattle do you like it yeah I see your rattle that’s really cool hi mommy hi baby let’s play what do you want to play peek-a-boo I love kisses oh are you getting hungry huh you want some food we’re.

Gonna make you some we’re gonna.

Make you some food you play with your toy and we’ll make you some food okay be a good girl you have her bowl.

Spoon we have a packet of green veggies and a bottle of water so let’s make her green veggies today rip it open it’s kind of chunky.

Pour it in YUM have a bottle of water pour it in let’s mix up her food this works really chunky today doesn’t it it’s really thick what’s that a little more water all right let’s go feed her all right baby girl was fit your toys down we gotta eat are you a hungry I.

Have your green veggies let’s take a bite mmm hi mommy I’m hungry all right let’s have another bite is that good thanks Lambie oh you’re welcome you want my please.

Okay here you go you’re excused ah ah you have a drink of water there we go yeah yeah I’m thirsty you want some more water no no kidding my feet all right here you go want some.

More yummy in my tummy is that good hmm thanks mommy you’re welcome no kidding my P all right here you go yeah is that good I’m okay here’s your bottle we forgot to put on your yummy 89 cuddle I have it.

Right here my feet hold on let’s wipe your mouth good on your lip we forgot it we.

Forgot your little eye out you mommy oh I love you too Hey here have some more uh you don’t want any more no thank you okay well let’s get a drink thanks Manny you’re welcome my.

Treat all right here you go baby girl thanks mommy you’re welcome ah here’s a oh oh.

You’re such a good eater hey dude you’re excused are you thirsty yummy rami all right there you go yeah kidding more pee all right.

A little more yummy in my tummy is that yummy ah ah I think it’s time for a drink from your bottle there you go thanks Danny you’re welcome you want some more food hey I can’t we’ll just use I’m thirsty okay is that.

Good yeah well good for you all right here you go yummy in my tummy.

Ah all right there you go the dogs are barking no kiddin my queen all right here you go you want another bite here we go hey your excuse me okay have a drink good girl yeah that is yeah all right here you go I’m thirsty all right here you go baby girl well you said you wanted even more all right okay you’re excused ah ah all right say ah good girl you’re eating yeah good yeah I mean I state okay yummy in my tummy yeah.

Have a little dream what guys you over food I love you mommy I love you too let’s wipe your little face off you.

Need to check your diaper Baystate okay New York yeah hey are you thirsty again okay yeah yeah it was yummy who wait more okay good girl.

Yeah take your bib off hey yep it’s playtime there you go peek-a-boo peek-a-boo yeah you’re a big girl kinky oh did I tickle you I didn’t mean to tickle you well let’s check your diaper black today well.

We gotta take your diaper first kick on my honey here’s your little rattle I’m gonna check your diaper did I make a banking I think you did yeah yes I smell a PU – all right let’s check your diaper oh he’s such a big girl oh.

Look her diaper looks really yeah you’re got a leaky diaper yeah she made a big diaper all right take off her jammies I think she got it on her jammies she’s.

Sleeping guys she’s a sleepy girl all right guys we got her a clean diaper on and we’re gonna have to put a dress on her because she got her pajamas all dirty we’re going to put this dress on her it has like little citrus fruits on it I think it’ll.

Look pretty on her own it yeah pretty little girls he’s a pretty girl all right what do you guys think of it do you like this dress on her you look pretty I bet they think you look pretty too she’s a little princess I think she’s getting tired let’s give her her Pasi here we go you don’t want it okay you don’t want your Pasi let’s.

Try again there we go she wanted it on the sprocket is thingy rock courtesy yeah she’s a good girl good girl she’s going to sleep look at her eyes.

She’s gonna sleep say it’s nap time got her belly full and got her diaper changed girl yeah she’s baby alright guys she went to sleep but if you liked this video please give it a big thumbs up and share this.

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