My Body Routine | Body Care | Aja Dang

My Body Routine | Body Care | Aja Dang

October 6, 2018 0 By Aja Dang

Hey everyone I’m you dang thank you so much for joining me on my channel dates video is my body routine and video what’s a body routine basically it’s just all the products that I use on my body I get a lot of questions about what shaver to use what lotion do you use what Tanner do you use what.

Scrub do you use so I’m just going to answer all of.

Those questions in this video right here folks.

Routine video or a skincare routine.

Video those are going to be separate videos because if I included all of that into this video it would just be way too long so I decided to split them up into different videos so please subscribe if you want to see those.

Videos because they will be coming up in the next couple of months this video is not sponsored I just want to go ahead and say that but you can find all the links to the products in the description box.

There should be a couple discount codes I’m going to try and contact some of the brands to see if they can give you guys a discount code so I definitely check the description box to see if I pulled through let’s start talking about what I put on my body.

Like this now for my washcloths I like to use my asian grandma towel I honestly have no idea what it’s actually called but I know for a fact that every Asian grandmother has.

This towel in their shower it just scrubs the out of your body when I go to the Korean spa for my body scrubs and that’s the towel that they use so you know that it’s serious business I don’t rub my skin as hard as they do in the Korean spa but it definitely makes my skin feel.

Um better less clogged I like to concentrate scrubbing on my back because I feel like that’s where most of my build-up lies because of the hair products and the sweat and oil so that’s.

Where I concentrate my back.

In my chest now for some of you this shower towel might actually be too harsh for your skin that being said I don’t really like to use washcloths because I feel like it doesn’t give me you’re good enough clean so I would recommend using a body brush like my.

Spin for perfect skin body brush this brush gently spins to exfoliate and lifts dirt and oil from your pores I like to use it on my body but there are also.

If you’ve been looking for a face scrub this body brush is already pretty affordable but there is a 70% off discount if you’re interested in that I’m going to link all that information in the description box so I base I think it basically.

Comes out to like 20 bucks now for soaps I like my raw sugar soap.

I’ve been a huge fan of raw sugar for a while now and obviously I’ve used this guy to the bone so here’s his brand spanking new one and this is what it actually looks like when it’s not used I also.

Have their body wash the thing about raw sugar is that their products are processed through this cold-pressed technology so it’s similar.

That you drink so it just basically keeps the good stuff in next for shaving now full disclosure and maybe a little.

TMI I am currently in the process of getting laser hair removal boop-boop-boop got before t done it under my arms and in my female area but I need to do it on my legs now but until I’m finished with that this is my routine for shaving in terms of shaving cream I don’t really use shaving cream I think it’s a waste of money I use conditioners that I just don’t like they don’t do anything for my hair so I repurpose them for shaving purposes it’s highly moisturizing and for.

A razor I like to use Gillette Fusion from the men’s section why men’s razors have more blades than.

Women’s razors is beyond me but I just really like using razor with 4 blades so.

Once you’re done scrubbing your body and shaving what’s next moisturizer my favorite part so I have three moisturizers that I really really love Shea moistures raw shea butter has been a favorite of mine for years I get this at Target in the baby section I believe it deeply moisturizes and rejuvenates skin with vitamins and shal fatty-acids let it sink in all night and it is the most incredible feeling in the world now the nuts moisturizer is actually an oil and I only use this you know when.

You like get out of the shower and you just got done shaving and and then you get cold or something and your legs feel prickly and the feeling is just really gross I can’t be the only one that happens to write that’s when.

I use this oil mentally I feel like oil makes my skin feel better not sure if that’s a fact but with the spray bottle it evenly distributes and deeply moisturizes my skin and gives off a really great healthy glow you can also use this product on your hair as well I haven’t done that because my hair tends to get oily so I try to stay away from oils with my hair but I do have to say that this.

Has a really beautiful rose scent though it is very strong so if you don’t like the scent of rose or if you like products that have a more mild scent I would probably stay away from this.

One but my all-time favorite body lotion in the world is raw sugar ‘z body butter I’ve been a fan again of raw sugar for a really long time and this is my third bottle of.

Body butter I am obsessed this lotion itself is very luxurious incredibly thick but it doesn’t leave your skin feeling sticky and the smell is amazing every time someone comes over and uses it for the first time they always ask me where I got it because they end up buying it the next day they love it another thing.

I like about raw sugar that I didn’t mention before is that every time you purchase a product from raw sugar they actually donate a.

Bar of soap to a person in need everyone asks how do you keep your.

Teeth so white honestly I don’t do anything special people I just brush my teeth I don’t like teeth whitening products because I feel like it makes.

My teeth really really sensitive to where when I breathe in sometimes my teeth start to hurt so I just avoid using teeth whitening products now don’t do it but for brushing I use tom’s of I just like this brand because it has no artificial colors or flavors or fragrances preservatives animal ingredients or hasn’t done animal testing also I don’t know if you saw my video about how to get flawless skin I’ll.

Link that over here as well I think I’m wearing the same top that’s kind of embarrassing but if you’re prone to breakouts around your mouth I would definitely recommend using this toothpaste because my girlfriend had breakouts all over mouths have been switched over and they disappeared sometimes it’s just certain ingredients that cause you to break out so if you break out tend to break out around your mouth try to change your toothpaste to something more natural.

Alright guys I think that’s it I think I’ve covered all the products I use for my body I know this video has a lot of personal and product information in it so you might feel like you’re a little overloaded right.

Now with information so again all.

The products I talked about are going to.

Be in the description box of this video so you can check it out my hair care routine my morning and night skin care routine and a workout routine video are in the works so don’t forget to subscribe if you aren’t already subscribe to stay up-to-date as to when those videos are.

Going to be uploaded so thank you so much for watching I amuse you dang and I will see you guys next time bye.