Learn About Sharks -sharks- Sharks Facts – Lesson For Kids

Learn About Sharks -sharks- Sharks Facts – Lesson For Kids

October 6, 2018 0 By learning junction

In modern times the shark is known as a predator that will attack at the sight of blood however this myth of shark is not necessarily accurate as you learn their main facts you will appreciate them for what they really are in some form sharks have been around for about 400 million years they are the top meat-eater of the.

Oceans natural food chain scientific information sharks alone to the class of fish chondrichthyes sharks have the most powerful jaws.

On the planet sharks never run out of teeth if one is lost.

Another spins forward from the rows and rows of backup teeth normally sharks eat alone but sometimes one feeding shark attracts others they bite wildly at anything.

That gets in their way even each other almost all sharks are carnivores or meat-eaters they live on a diet of fish and sea mammals like dolphins and seals and even such prey as turtles and seagulls not all sharks are such fierce carnivores some are quite harmless oddly enough the most harmless sharks tend to be the.

Largest the basking shark these huge sharks eat plankton there is a great belief that the extraordinary senses developed by sharks are involved in a communication between sharks types of sharks angel shark flat body bury themselves in the sand or mud.

Basking shark second largest shark about 30 feet long and eight thousand pounds black tip reef shark gray with a black tip on its fins and white streak on its side black tip shark usually about five feet long blue.

Shark about twelve feet long sleek and dangerous tapered body bull shark third most dangerous to people can swim in.

Salt and freshwater cookie-cutter shark less than two feet long goblin shark.

Very uncommon and likely the weirdest-looking shark hammerhead.

Shark ten to 20 feet unlikely to attack people mako shark fastest swimmer 43 miles per hour nurse shark hunt at night sleep by day fan tiger shark ten feet long very pointed teeth shiny dogfish.

Shark three to four feet long thresher shark ten-foot tail one half as long as the body tigershark.

Second most attacks on people whale shark biggest shark and biggest fish grows to 45 feet long and.

Thirty thousand pounds but average about 25 feet long white tip reef shark about three feet long on average though it can be as.

Big as six feet will be gong shark about eight feet long but virtually harmless zebra shark small gentle shark now after learning about.

Following on average there are only about 100 shark attacks each year and only ten of those end in a human death you should check it out from their perspective though people kill thousands of sharks in a year for sport and for food shark skins are used to make.

Products like any other leather would be up until the 1950s shark livers were used as a vitamin A supplement shark fin soup and shark steaks are both eaten in many.

Countries so who is the dangerous predator..