Best Braidout On Natural Hair

Best Braidout On Natural Hair

October 7, 2018 0 By April Bee

Every one April here and today I’m going to be showing you all how I achieve this awesome braid out on natural hair so I’ll be rereading and I’ll be using my moisturizing spritz Cantu shea butter hair lotion some coconut oil and argan oil eco styler gel so I’m going to start off by spraying all of my hair with.

My moisturizing spritz and all it.

Is is water castor oil and peppermint oil and I like this.

Because it makes my hair really really soft and really manageable so I.

So of course we’ll be working in small.

Sections so I’m going to take about a quarter size amount of the hair lotion and apply that to my hair next I’m going to take some coconut oil and I’m going to apply that on top and that just seals.

In the moisture and last I’m going to take a little bit of eco styler gel and that pretty much gives my braids out some hold and of course I’m just going to braid my hair all the way down and give it a little swirl so once again I’m going to add some creamy hair lotion about a quarter size amount apply that and take.

Some coconut oil for to seal in the moisture and some eco styler gel for hold and I’m going to continue to braid and of course you want to repeat all these steps into your whole head is done and here I have about maybe twelve fourteen braids I’m not sure so this step is optional I like to pin curl each braid and secure in the back so that while my hair is drying my hair stays stretched and when.

I take out my braids I have more of a.

I’m just adding some eco styler gel just to lay down my edges and I’m just going to use a satin scarf to lay down my edges and I’ll be sleeping with my satin bonnet so the next day I’ll be using sweet almond oil to take down my braids.

And I really like this oil because it always leaves my braid outs into it style is very very shiny so I’m going to go ahead and unravel or take down each braid and as.

You can see the definition is amazing and I really like the combination of the products that I use because not only did it leave my hair very defined but my hair is really really soft and I really like that so you just want to go ahead and gently separate each braid and continue.

To fluff and all that good stuff but you want to make sure that you do not disturb the curl pattern so make.

Sure you be very careful and give it a little shake and this is my results if you enjoyed this video please.

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