Learn To Dye Your Hair In 5 Minutes!! Just For Men Hair Color

Learn To Dye Your Hair In 5 Minutes!! Just For Men Hair Color

December 15, 2017 0 By Weird Health News

I’m going to dye my hair I’ve had this white hair ever since I was in my 20s I used to dye it on a regular basis I just thought I’d try it again see see how it goes and show you guys how you can dye your hair by yourself so what I’m going to use here is just the.

Product just for men I’ve never actually tried this before I used.

To use the women’s product but the difference that I found between the men and the women’s product is that in the women’s product.

They seem to put this shimmering type color into the dye so pretty much all all you need is the color that you’re going to use from the store conditioner and what you.

Do with the conditioner is you take a little bit put it in your hand and then put it right around the edge of your hair light.

So when the color gets on your skin you put it about here you don’t get the color permanently died or died on your skin for a while you don’t want a big brown dot of dye on your forehead look weird the women’s one comes with small gloves if you these tiny gloves in the women’s the men’s they give you the big size good I have big.

Hands if the gloves on this way.

I won’t stain my hands with a dye okay so what they’re telling me to do is take this take this product the small bottle pour it inside the big bottle for the entire contents.

Or the entire contents of this bottle into this bottle okay okay.

Good put the cap back on so now they just go break this off well watch it from splashing in your eyes over here now this what they want you to do they want you to put your thumb on here and shake it up pretty easy instructions I’m just reading.

Instruction manual here does he leave it in for five minutes so I got my stopwatch here five minutes five minutes on this they say put it in where the hair is the greatest and so like for me that’s like everywhere you can.

Get any on your skin that’s not where you put the conditioner just wipe.

It off right away did they say five minutes should do it another products I’ve used it like kept it in like a lot longer microwave here seems to be.

Really hard to die but at the same time then I had a problem.

Sometimes where I got it too dark you know you get a lot of it in there and it’s just pretty much like shampoo you’re just gonna massage it everywhere you can all over and leave it in.

There I guess for only five minutes okay so I got the dark brown color or medium brown.

Medium brown color because that’s what matches my eyebrows are still my original color I would look a little different for a little while now so if you see a young looking dark haired Gerald Davies don’t think it’s an imposter it’s this is me make sure that I all that white hair is.

Covered you know it’s a shame that will you after you finish and you wash it all off and you’re all done and then you see that you didn’t really cover all the hair like you know like you should have so I’m so your comeback.

Is same thing and yes so that’s five minutes right there folks I’m gonna hop in the shower you guys and I’m gonna wash them let’s die out now the woman’s one would usually give you like a little conditioner packet to.

Condition your hair but they didn’t give it in the men’s one.

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