Snacks From Canada — Mom Snack Swap – Mystery Box

Snacks From Canada — Mom Snack Swap – Mystery Box

October 12, 2018 0 By Marianna Frances

Hi guys today we have an unboxing and he has absolutely no idea what it is this is another collaboration video with an awesome YouTube mommy that I love this guy’s life I’ll link her channel down below and she reached out to me seeing if I would be interested in sending snaps from Florida to where she lives in Canada.

And then in return she would send snacks from Canada to Florida to see if we like them so this box came a couple of days ago and it’s been sitting on the counter and driving him crazy because he has absolutely.

No idea what’s in here and I don’t know what’s in here either when we went shopping for Florida snacks it was actually harder than I thought it would be because we aren’t sure what they have in Canada and I didn’t want to send things that they can get on the Shelf there but I also don’t know what they can get on.

I’ve only been to Canada once and it was years and years and years ago and I don’t think I went to.

Any grocery store anywhere where I would actually see what snacks they have so this is what size the boxes and I covered up the addresses so you know obvious reasons I’m not telling them where we live I’m telling them that I.

Covered up the address alright so we’re gonna open it up I’m excited are you excited to see what snacks we’re getting from Canada but unless you pull one thing out at a time okay oh okay you pull one thing out oh and.

Isn’t actually even a snack this is a craft kit of a little monster so thank you we will have.

Fun doing that together later alright what else Jessica it’s a motorcycle it’s a toy I didn’t send any toys in our box maybe I was supposed to oh no I’m gonna feel really bad if I was mrs. Finch boys – I only sent snacks all right all right so let’s see what’s next okay now we’re getting into some good pumpkin cows milk chocolate flavored from Palmer and I’ve seen this brand before but I don’t know if this is something that we can get here.

Or not so that’s exciting whoa hold on let’s finish opening in and then we’ll taste them okay and we actually sent chocolate in our.

Box but I’m scared because of the Florida heat that some of it might have melted by the time she gets it what is this shudder oh this looks delicious I’m talking about that okay what else what.

Is this oh it’s a fishing game he loves his fishing game so this is a nice little travel game yeah.

No batteries required that’s good Oh what is this sour pleasers looks just like sour gummies except it’s.

A baby hmm okay all right sour bubblegum bottles and I’m wondering at the store cottage country this has to.

Be a store that’s probably close to them gummy soda pop bottles okay and strawberry milkshakes so we.

Have tons of candy to try sounds of new candy to try all right so we have scissors and we’re gonna go ahead and open this is the sour bubblegum bottles you like them we must change really good now I’m curious about the climate almost tastes like circus peanuts at the end which I don’t mind because I like circus peanuts alright let’s try this.

Strawberry milkshakes I’m curious about these because I don’t know if I’ve ever tried anything like.

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