Activz Organic Mango And Mixed Berry Whole Powder Review

Activz Organic Mango And Mixed Berry Whole Powder Review

October 12, 2018 0 By John K

Hi this is review of the actives mango organic whole powder as you can see here is organic and this is the supplemental facts for it which are pretty good is a pretty clean powder and it’s quite expensive i think i paid about almost twenty-five thirty dollars for this small component small little container here as you can see from.

The size of the cup it’s not that big and paid about $35 for this mixed berry whole powder and it has quite.

A bit of Barry with an end as you can see here this amount of pounds of fresh mixed berries it has these.

Are supplemental ingredients so far I’ve been using this is not a bad powder you’ll you’ll definitely I.

Mean it doesn’t really taste.

Fresh like you get you know from a real fruit but you know.

If you want to build a substitute something you get a little bit taste of mango or mixed berry the mix great taste a lot more real to real fruit and the mango does but you know once let’s let me.

Mix berry one but once you open in this is label here you can see that well yeah that’s so it’s very granular powder like and you get basically like a scoop of that and you put it within your smoothie it it does look it basically wins to put in water it makes it really really well you don’t have.

It not mixing well like I said a taste of it it doesn’t taste too bad the mango I’m kind of iffy about but I’ve only tried these two flavors there’s a several other flavors that.

They produce as well it’s pretty clean if you have any questions post them below thanks.