Healthy Whole Foods Haul!

Healthy Whole Foods Haul!

October 12, 2018 0 By The Gruvey Family

Say good morning really thing good morning guys we actually just got done from taking paint in school and then we went to Whole Foods I’m gonna get some groceries and actually down the road a new Whole Foods just opened literally this morning at 9 a.

and I was like oh let’s go check it out I couldn’t be that.

Busy it was so busy there was like a line like from here to like here’s the front door and then there was like a little line those like I was at that bad and I was like jeez do.

People work around here or what like it was just it was crazy I don’t know if they were getting away like free gift.

Cards but we went to the other Whole Foods because that one was just way too packed so I just want to show you guys what I got do like a little mini grocery.

Haul cuz I got a few different items.

Today stuff that I actually haven’t gotten like ever Hana’s hanging out on the.

Chair yeah hopefully she does okay well I tried to show you guys the grocery haul alright so first things first we got some sea snacks.

The girls absolutely love these and they are vegan and I got the roasted lightly sea salted ones so we got these then we got some Clif bars and usually I shop around this isn’t like my whole grocery shop this grocery haul for like.

The whole week it’s just like this will only last ones like a few days so all right let’s see got some fruit some raspberries Presley is obsessed with raspberries but great some bananas of course some strawberries and then at Whole Foods they have.

Like a station where like at the end of your shopping trip you can pick out something so the girls picked out a lollipop and then we picked out some raisins and they have like a little piggy bank there so you have to like put like coins in there.

So we put a few quarters and then we got some of the snacks all right we got one avocado we already had a few so we don’t really need that many got some apples and some oranges.

I love cutting up fresh oranges and eating them as like orange slices and this was my favorite fine there I think look how cute these are these are the smallest little apples I’ve ever seen they like fit in the palm of your hand the girls were snacking on them when we’re.

At the store and I thought they’re really cool.

You could just like throw them in the diaper bag throw them in like paint and lunch box so yeah cute little apples more of those sea snacks and I got these deep snacks I’ve never tried this kind its.

Teriyaki and they are vegan right here it says that but yeah you know try the teriyaki ones I saw on another vlog that they’re pretty good so for honey okay all right I don’t know if you guys have tried these but instead of bread I’ve been trying to use these brown rice cakes and I put like some all-natural jelly on it and some cashew butter and it’s so good and they’re vegan gluten free and the girls really like um except for isn’t really – like fond of them but we like all right I.

Got some pasta for those nights.

You want like an easy dinner we got some more Stevie snacks like I said the girls love these and we throw them in the diaper bag some pretzels I got some shampoo guys this a cure brand if you get the think dirty app you can scan the items and this is a zero so it’s like really good all natural products cruelty free and.

This one it’s coconut water and something oil but yeah got this it was on sale Whole Foods so can never have enough shampoo this is our favourite granola pumpkin the pumpkin season is not over yet girl right pumpkin seed and flax granola this is good keep uses it on his smoothies the girls need it like on yogurt or whatever which by the way guys I have been searching for a nun dairy yogurt and I found a few.

Brands so I found this kite.

Kill brand it’s a Greek style soy and dairy free no preservatives gluten-free vegan so we got this kite killed mango what else we got kite hills strawberry and this is made with the almond milk and then I got this other brand and it’s creamy dairy free cashier cashiers.

Are cashing Girt okay there we go so it’s gluten and soy free plant-based and it has probiotics in it so I got the wild blueberry yeah we got the mango pine cranberries the girls love dried cranberries some pineapple some watermelon we’re just gonna fruit it up guys more banana pasta sauce of course for our noodles your headband all right now so that this vanilla bean kind I wanted to try it with the granola see how it.

Tastes then we got some more strawberry for one for each of the girls to try they love yogurt so I wanted to get the vegan kind the mango one what and then I also love Tom’s toothpaste we alternate between the mint I’m in the strawberry pine because yeah the girls love the mint one okay guys this is the best hummus ever its original vegan gluten free whatever Peters and now she’s getting aggravated and then last but.

Not least we got this original it’s by the brand roots and.

It’s an oil-free hummus it’s trying to the best can like I said but.

Gonna get this groceries put away Harper’s getting in the Bumbo seat and yeah Hannah’s getting hungry so together give her a bottle but we hope you guys like this grocery haul if there’s any items that you guys haven’t tried I’ll let you guys know how we like that yogurt I have never tried it or.

Even heard of it but the girls love yogurts and it’s an easy snack or kind of like a dessert thing I guess and Payton can take it to school we can cut up some apple and do whatever with it but I’ll let.

You guys know how I like that brand the cashew one and then the other title one but yeah the girls are gonna have it for lunch I’ll let you guys.

Know how they like it all right Harper’s trying the vegan yogurt for the first time how is it good you like it what flavor did you get Mary yep and we put that pumpkin granola on top what do you have in a chai BBQ yo and have that much how’s the yogurt mm-hmm do.

You like it mmm then they’re having some veggie sticks and someone spilt some water who did it who did it I think you did guess he’s a week from her nap you.

Didn’t say very long you didn’t sleep very hung yeah do you see you’re gonna be standing up and be like mommy get me out of here get me out of.

Here Oh Hannah actually our cables not working so the Cable guy’s here any minute to fix it so Hanna woke up just in time so recently I’ve been showing Hanna herself in the mirror and it’s so cute I don’t know if she’ll do it right now but she sees herself and she like smiles and like giggles so let’s see if she’ll do it let’s see if we can get a reaction today who is it who is.

That baby Betsey Cameron is that humid today usually she’s like oh like so excited hui Neng she’s still tired what are you doing so Pagan is supposed to.

Be doing our homework at the table but she’s doing it on the couch watching TV with her earmuffs on and I cannot take you seriously did you have a good day at school guys it looks like it’s like nighttime because it is so dark.

Outside it’s been raining all day and we have to have the lights on because it’s so gloomy Oh winter is gonna be the death of me I swear guys it’s fall we’re having winter weather today and I just I don’t like the gloomy.

Weather like at all what do you think Satan’s no she was shaking her head no yeah so the girls and I actually took like an hour and a half nap today because the weather guys the weather just makes you so super tired at least it makes.

Me tired but I’m just this is like a preview for winter and I don’t know what.

I’m gonna do I’m probably going [Laughter] okay so we moved to the.

Kitchen for homework so pinyin has to write five of her spelling words and then we’re gonna put glue on and then do some glitter it’s pretty cool she has like three.

Things that she can choose from to do for our spelling words and of course show is chooses.

The like ones that you have to do like the most work but it’s okay you.

Ready to do some glitter yeah and actually we use this glitter if you guys didn’t see our gender-reveal so we use this to tell you guys that hannah was a.

Little girl right remember that all right so we’ll show you guys the finished product and we’re done look at all that glitter work huh look move love.

It Vicky got a little bit messed up okay alright guys there we are her homework is finished look how fun that looks we actually wrote the well she wrote this next to us so you could see what the words were cuz some of the glue like got mushed together but I did the glue so.

I could help her out and then she did the glitter as you see but good teamwork love you what are you doing now oh my gosh Kayne is gonna be a meteorologist or something because she’s literally obsessed with looking at the weather and tomorrow in our.

Area it is going to be what weather weather woman rainy oh don’t you miss the sunshine oh no right.

Before I was going to do the monkey bars I was like I was like this and I was almost like no Reetha it started sprinkling so I know who doesn’t love.

Outdoor recess we are outdoorsy people.

We need to get outside and today has been rainy Presley and Harper did play outside for a little bit and actually the balloons if you didn’t see in Payton’s birthday blog she like we filled the whole trampoline with balloons and there’s only like 10 balloons left now and there was like over.

Easily over 200 balloons that we put in there but that was fun wasn’t it yeah we saved a few balloons but oh yeah there still is a few balloons you guys can see it here let’s look you see it over there let’s zoom in a little bit we can really you can only see the.

Camera let’s see let’s open the door alright so there you can see some of the balloons are left on the trampoline we got to do that again huh yeah that was fun it’s cold let’s.

Go back inside our Florida bones can’t handle this weather hen is all ready for winter you playing with Hannah before.

Bed get her so sweet sister.

She thinks you’re funny so be an end the bog so to cry and come to LA ex you like this.

Video I don’t know what your way.