Glass Water Bottles For Yoga

Glass Water Bottles For Yoga

Today’s living your yoga is about reusable water containers hi I’m doctor Melissa West and welcome to living your yoga we’ve been talking about water and hydration a lot lately and I guess it was inevitable that the containers you put these things in were bound to come up eventually so today’s question comes to us from finance for NAS and.

Question came by email and they say where can i buy your water bottle lately i’ve heard very much that water bottles that are made of plastic are dangerous to use this got me thinking about how i can.

Bring my water with me i was worried about the plastic that will dissolve and break down into the water and this will do more harm than good I discovered the orange water bottle that you use is made of glass and it is can you please refer me to where you got it I live in Sweden so yeah I guess this is hard to miss on.

A lot of my videos I do have it and most of my videos with me in my yoga videos and it’s kind of great because it is covered with plastic as well so if you drop.

It most of the times it won’t break I have broken one of these my daughter’s has them too and she’s broken one as well but that’s over been over a number of years so this is a great.

Question because cutting down on the plastic we use is so important for our own personal health but also the health of our planet so that plastic doesn’t end up in landfills but even more than that in our oceans and so that doesn’t.

Negatively impact our sea life as well so my water bottle is glass I do get it our local health food store carries these but you can get them online I found the website right on the water bottle it’s called life factory calm so I did hear back from for nos and they are able to get it online in Sweden so that’s kind of cool.

Another thing that we do you don’t need to go out and buy a fancy water bottle because we do this all the time in.

Our home you can reduce reuse recycle right so if we reuse mason jars all the time in our home.

And so Tim eternity really like pasta sauce that originally comes in these jars so we just clean the labels off these which are paid so you recycle the paper and then you clean them out and we use them for water and all sorts of things in our house we put smoothies in them we put our juices in them right now I’ve got some lemon balm tinctures in them I’m making mint.

Extract in them and you can just put the the lid that originally came on it.

On them this is my water from this morning that I need to finish before I do my first juice of the morning.

So you can reuse these which is great I also really like these eco jars.

Lids that I got my friend delish general store you can get them right from the eco jars website I’ll put them both in the show notes you can use these with mason jars as well because they have a little hole.

For your straw so you just put them on a ring for a mason jar lid and then you can use your stainless-steel straw which you can reuse a bunch of times put it on your mason jar and.

The way you go I love this for my juices in the morning then I can if I have to drop Trinity off at summer camp or something like that I can just take it with me so you may be wondering what reusable glass jars have to do with yoga and as it turns out it it does have a lot to do with yoga if we look at the Yama’s and the knee Yama’s the ethical ways of living pertaining to the way we interact.

With the world especially the Yama’s a himsa is non-violence so when you use plastic water bottles they end up in landfills but also.

In the oceans of our world and they negatively impact our marine life so switching to reusable water bottles is an act of loving kindness for a marine life and and it does say that you.

Are realizing that we are all connected and we do love and care for animals Satya is truthfulness when we look at the honest truth of.

Plastic water bottles what they do to the planet we can make better choices a stay is non-stealing by reusing glass water bottles we’re not stealing from the.

Earth’s resources brahmacharya is non excess taking new plastic water bottles every time you have a drink of water is is really excessive and we can just reuse our water bottles refilling them when you need them and finally a party girl has non possessiveness again by reusing water bottles.

You are taking only what you need so far nas also mentioned that drinking out of plastic water bottles is not good for our own health and the NIAMS they relate to us and how we treat ourselves so such.

Our purity would say that choosing glass water bottles over.

Water bottles for plastic water.

Bottles would be a cleaner choice for our own.

Bodies also the tapas tapas is.

Self-discipline so I would say that it is our responsibility to choose and make the little extra effort in our own lives for the greater good of all of the planet by choosing glass water bottles over plastic.

So I have a whole series of classes on the Yama’s and the NIAMS if you are interested we’ll put the link in the show notes so you can learn more about.

Those also I would love how to hear what you have done how yoga has impacted the way you relate to the world.

And maybe what choices you make to carry your water around with you so leave that in the comments below I look forward to hearing from you thank you finding a great yoga class is becoming more costly and difficult now there’s a better way.

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