Get Those Edges Back | How I Grew Out My Edges And Bald Spots

Get Those Edges Back | How I Grew Out My Edges And Bald Spots

October 13, 2018 0 By Zig Beswick

Are you two bees I hope you’re well welcome back to my channel I thought I would do a quick video about how to grow your edges back or perhaps parts of your hair that you feel are thinning because as I’m sure you can probably tell my hair is finally long enough to put back in one yes can we.

Thank Jesus one time amen because now I can actually protective style because my hair is long enough to put up in one but since I did.

Put my hair up in one this is like the second day I’ve put it up I’ve realized that I have managed to grow my hedges back yes that horrible thumbnail that is on my video is my hair or was my hair my lack thereof edges and I thought I would show you the products that are using tips that I did to grow them back now unless.

You have completely dead follicles you have an underlying illness or perhaps are taking medication where the side effects is hair loss I do believe that you can grow your hair back like hair is just one of those constant things made out of carrots and like your nails it’s just always going to keep growing so.

Oh unless you’re a male and you suffer from Mel pattern baldness but that’s another thing so I should tell you a bit of back story January.

Of 2013 I stopped going to sounds to relax my.

Hair and that was the first time I noticed that I’d started to lose my edges because the lady who did my hair said oh.

Your edges have broken off but I didn’t pay attention to them too much I have a bit of a love-hate.

Relationship with hairdressers anyway from under processing and over processing my hair and lots of stress on my hair but I don’t fully blame.

The relaxers for losing my edges because I used to wear my hair up in very slick tight buns because I did a drama degree and I also used to do dancing on the side I didn’t want my hair in my face so I would always be pushing it up so be aware if you are doing.

Micro braids tight twists high slick buns and brushing up a lot you could be causing yourself traction alopecia where you pull it the follicles it’s like yeah your follicles.

Just get fed up with you and stop growing because you keep pulling that hair out in that area so I do recognize that I think it was a comet it was a mixture of both relaxing my hair and tension on my edges that caused me to lose my urges in the first place that being said I was never blessed with like baby hairs or a thick full hair line anyway but I certainly have improved from what it once was so I started waxing my own hair and I’ve.

Relaxed my hair every four months so I relapsed after January I relaxed it myself and March and then in.

May I looked at my hair and I was like wait a second my hair is more than just that edges have gone like it’s fully bold in this area so I went to my doctor’s and he was he said yet you’ve got about five centimeters of missing hair and it’s not the.

Same pattern of like a hereditary baldness or anything like that because my dad is bald but he believes it could have been stressed because at the time I was doing my dissertation at.

Uni he prescribed me a steroid solution if you will it wasn’t like a cream to put on my.

Scalp every day twice a day and I don’t feel it worked at all I didn’t go back to him because I just thought well I’m just gonna keep going prescribe things and he said one of the steps to take would be injecting my.

Scalp but I just thought I’m not gonna do that so in.

June I took a picture or I got my boyfriend to take the picture that’s on my thumbnail and I sent.

It to her Lisa calm which is a hair careful and pretty much all of.

The women on there were like you have to go over to natural hair you have to stop relaxing your hair and I was already considering going natural.

But that was kind of like the extra push so at first I thought well I will at least stretch my hair for a long period of time and then I’ll see but I did want to relax one more time because I had.

Graduation and I was in between my four months stretch so I did relax my hair the last time July 12 2013 but in between June and.

July I started to use Jamaican black castor oil I used the sunny oil sorry there’s like hairs on I use the sunny Isle tropical living Jamaican black castor oil and.

This is a lot thicker than regular cast oils it’s said to have lots of the minerals and things in there and a lot of people recommended this to grow my hair but I don’t think it did I think it thickened the hair that was already on my head.

I don’t think actually stimulated growth which is what I kind of needed it to do so I went back to an old products.

Of mine I used to use which was organics a herb or thick vitalizer and like Castro it’s very thick so you.

Don’t need to use too much otherwise you’ll find like when you get hot it’s gonna run down your face and stuff but I use this on my scalp and a little bit on my edges but then I was introduced to what I was introduced I found I believe her name’s Brown babydoll on her least calm and she had posted some pictures about her edges and how she grew her edges back and she stated that she used emu oil and wild growth oil now I.

Did not use wild growth oil I didn’t even care to look for it but I did find some emu oil so I use this one I just got it from a health store there’s loads of different ones just make sure it’s 100% pure emu oil and I started massaging this into the bold area every night every night without.

Fail I would put some of that on my hair obviously I stopped relaxing my hair in July and I also stopped putting my hair.

Up I would wear really really low buns very loose ones.

As well I would wear too chunky and I would wear like two low buns almost like a Minnie Mouse type.

Thing but right right at the bottom of my hair I would never push my hair up and what I wouldn’t slick my edges.

Either I wouldn’t brush marriages when shampooing my hair I didn’t scrubber that area I would always leave like that area out as it grew and this is a picture of my hair in September I know that’s a blurry picture but.

You can kind of see that the emu oil has helped grow my hair back that was the main thing that I was using every night was in.

Then on occasion I started to incorporate the castor oil again so.

I put any oil on first and then I would put on the Jamaican black castor oil on top of that because I feel like the in or because it’s.

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