Shiba Puppys First Bath (not Happy)

Shiba Puppys First Bath (not Happy)

October 16, 2018 0 By maxmoefoetwo

Both on Kevin no this Sheba is very dirty so it’s soft on Kevin Kevin great for your bar usually you’re only going to need to bathe your Sheba every couple of months I make sure the water is only lukewarm you don’t want to burn the skin off your dog this is his first bath away from the breeder let’s.

This dirty mutt does good here’s a fun fact water is safe for dogs to drink so he can have a snack during bath time if the dog.

Tries to escape from the bathtub flushes you like a drowned Japanese rat if you want to see more bathing videos of Kevin make sure you follow him on instagram at kevin dot the dutch FIBA that’s kevin de Bohun you either treat kevin now you take the shampoo prepare to suffer you’ll get another treat soon don’t dry off please don’t eat the shampoo Kevin it’s looks like heat I’m surprised he’s not wanting at all good another treat Kevin well done good job standing there.

Yeah it should take the troubles away if we clean now an extra fluffy you won’t have to have another watch for a long time this was a massive lie but we’ll get to that in due time now Kevin now you need to be blow-dried unfortunately [Applause] now with the blow-drying you don’t want to put it on two pots because that could kill the dog you.

Just want a nice light warm setting you make sure it gets nice and dry but you’re going to need to.

Go over him how long there you go we’ve got a freeze to death you don’t get roughly drawn heaven yeah yes on its own very cool.

He’s just being very bossy just a little bit of wind [Applause] [Applause] if he can’t see it is fine it’s the only one you can see it that he wants to attack it he’s all right he’s getting pampered now you don’t want people thinking those sounds of agony good boy Kevin good boy you get a treat for that maybe you want to get brushed next time huh we’re grooming him there’s a bird on your head I know he’s grooming me no more.

Traits Kevin people already signed you too fat that’s just your Schieber self I’m gonna have to starve you for the next week yeah get you ready for the dog show I’m gonna sell your meat to China max you can’t wait to go outside and we roll around in.

The mud can you Kevin is that your coat Kevin that’s a nice coat oh there’s Chinese fur farmers will like this I don’t make a nice coat I’m gonna have to sell it oh look at that floss look at this beast Kevin’s vegan now he.

Eats only carrots you carrot or I’m take you back to the pound hate it you’re not getting any meat until you finish you fish don’t bite.

Tug of war with the carrot yeah okay the lens let me fit right on it yeah I think he likes that jacket this animal cruelty damn Kevin you look cool born to be wild good dogs club I don’t know if you’re part of that Kevin great football great fees second bath alright it’s been five weeks since we’ve watched Kevin here normally.

We wouldn’t need to wash him again for quite a while but he has some proper photos being taken tomorrow for his puppy school so we thought we’d thought give him another wash and see how well-behaved he is probably the Sun probably just as naughty you ready for bath oh now Kevin sorry sorry Kevin oh sorry I’m super freaky oh okay that was mean Briella yeah he’s really good at this part it’s the drawing that he’s not great at Kevin this is a necessary evil you must.

Be washed you must be washed you must be squished you must be Massa hardest Kevin there’s a duck on your back how hey Kevin sit sit Kevin sit oh he’s trying so hard he’s sitting completely oh good boy Kevin Kevin sit sit [Laughter] wonder if he knows that the hairdryers coming [Applause] trying to kill it [Applause] after a while.

He eventually gets worn out and succumbs to his fate and now he looks fantastic like a clean fat Fox do you have trust issues Kevin he’s giving in completely.

He just does not give a anymore that’s quite cold to eat watermelon you sure you want to eat that.