New Lol Surprise Glitter Series Doll Blind Bag Toy Review Opening | Pstoyreviews

New Lol Surprise Glitter Series Doll Blind Bag Toy Review Opening | Pstoyreviews

October 16, 2018 0 By pstoyreviews

Hey guys it’s Shannon and Paul and check it out today we’re so excited we get to share a brand new lol surprise with you this is good glitters series we didn’t we didn’t practice that no we just came out that way I like it a little while yeah she’s really cool so we want to thank mga for sending.

These to us so we can open and kind of share the new glitter series with you guys I don’t know about you but I am super excited this has.

Been a very elementary weekend for us oh yes toy reviews make sure to check out yesterday’s video with the lol big surprise super awesome super blur yep okay let’s see where are our stickers their stuff oh.

This is our clue okay here you go okay we have looks like dress trophy what’s the real name yeah I do like this one Dress for Success.

Well that’s cute I like that okay I like these um white rappers with the.

Little pink heart that’s a few yeah it’s adorable.

Okay class these are probably gonna be our normal for.

Snickers tinkle cry spit Oh No oh they’re different what is it okay so that’s colour change so it is the same thing that is didn’t put the names tinkle bus water equals question mark yep okay are you excited.

Yet she wants to know okay I’m excited I like new toys oh okay so we have the copper ball let me out almost there I’m an openness instead of laying probably you can open the next one whoa blue little bottle peace okay you can open as that one okay see this is going this is going to be the shoes oh look at these tennis shoes with socks.

And they’re glittery blue those are really cute okay trap door this is gonna be the dress Oh check this out Wow hey we have a checklist nice piece we have a little plaid skirt and a little top with a black bow to match and it’s all white and glittery and sparkly yeah.

That’s cute definitely a dress for success look right there whoa sorry.

A pair of glasses she was from series 1 wasn’t she yes I think so ok let’s see I don’t know if I move at all and then I’m gonna show you.

The checklist her glittery hair that is the coolest like a shade of orange –red wow look at how that.

Glitter sparkles yeah hello I need nail polish that color I love Lisa I love the darkness underneath it looks like it’s black or something underneath then it’s got yellow and gold on top ok so we do have teacher’s.

Pet here is our checklist this is an awesome series this series has like basically comments rares and ultra rares.

It’s really cool because look queen bee and cosmic queen are back but then some of the other girls that were never glitter our back is glitter those are different outfits for Queen B and cosmic Queen yep every one of these has different outfits because there’s diva she’s back yeah she wore like a little leotard kind of in her first out.

Outfit different colors rockers back she has a different outfit I’m excited about that there’s 12 in this series to get that is awesome ok let’s see what teacher’s pet done okay so normally I would say a glitter one doesn’t color change but she might Ashley let’s see change okay see that’s do the tinkle test.

I think she’s gonna tink almost she does know it does not take okay her head does not squeeze right all right is she gonna be a crier or a spitter what’s she gonna be.

My hell I really don’t want to cry cuz my hair is just so pretty so I think.

I’m gonna get sick to the tummy I’m.

Gonna go what you do this is she dribbled out of her neck oh you know I think she is.

At ink color I think just she wasn’t ready to tinkle before she’s like no I didn’t drink enough water I was dehydrated but yeah I’m plenty hydrated I go whoa she was a tingle er she was the tinkle tested out let’s try.

It now oh yeah here we go think all this I go gasps hook she’s tinkle tastic she is okay yeah well give that to Shannon well and I will.

Open up the next one these are cool okay so I really would like to get center stage I want.

D for the most diva a rocker would be cool too Oh different clue Oh gold bar girl I have a gold bar yeah gold bar emoji so it says golden child is the clue the real cloak golden child which was a movie from the.

80s let’s see there’s our little stickers we got a Tinkler so now I’m gonna guess we’re gonna get a spitter I think it’s fryer different color ball this is like pearlescent almost a little bit of yellow in it – here’s our oh that’s hey that could be could be a lot of things diva we’re hoping for.

Diva see what shoes we get our shoes are all silver look at those oh they’re metallic metallic silver space boots okay I do not have any clue who we’re getting okay our dress is oh okay this is a little pair of short to.

Us sparkly pink top this is not diva because she didn’t have this wonder who this is Daleks really cool I love those Schwartz with a little glitter skirt around.

Them let me show you teacher’s pet really quick oh she’s awesome she is so cute you guys I love.

That red glitter yeah they’re awesome okay Shannon thinks you’re gonna like it okay we have a little pink pair of glasses that’s cute and the last but not least where’s the tear strip on it all oh yeah cause McQueen this crazy hairdo if she do awesome Wow nothing Twitter oh this glitter how it has like a dark base to it almost okay tinkle test not a Tinkler should we pickle test two twice.

Dressing crier ah I think I said I don’t remember I guess I’d crier he’s like yo what do you think I’m gonna cosmic Queen wanna use me right when he’s a me wrong anyway I require a – bitterly – three she cries good she does that’s when he told thing their body back like.

That like putting every words like a superhero crying what pretty cool awesome okay we have one left to Shannon that’s for you okay so are you gonna try the dress cosmic Queen nope I’m gonna wait so you’re.

Done opening yours okay we have a new clue whoa is that infinity diamonds diamonds are forever okay that makes sense I can fit a next layer of course is gonna have the color change stickers okay.

Had a tank or we’ve had a crier this fall I’m gonna go out on I wanna say we have a color change of spinner a color change spitter yeah color change yeah I’m good with that give it a try okay here’s our first blind bag oh that’s cool okay okay I have a guess as to who we have just based off the bottle all right I’m gonna guess we have fresh.

Just based off the bottle but okay I could be totally what I’m still guessing Viva I hope we have the ax we will find out Oh Baby how are changing spinning diva oh look at the little shoe we do not have diva cuz that does not leave a shoe.

Sign of that next layer trap door here’s our outfit wow that’s a cool little outfit that’s sparkly on top and bottom yep so we do have fresh let’s go ahead and rescue her open up her accessory.

She has really cool glasses Wow and whoa look at her glitter hair yeah she’s Elsa you.

Know they think hair is me that’s so embarrassing yep so she has snow sparkly glittery white hair yes she does let’s see if she color changes yes are you ready let’s dump her sure no color change oh good for a color changer with the white hair okay all.

Right tinkle tinkle test time nope no tinkling okay spitter come on it’s bitter crier her head does nothing.

She didn’t want to drink let’s see if we have enough in her to make her tinkle or uh I’m sorry to cry or to stay so.

I was inside that ball and I was real nice and comfortable and warm then I got taken out and somebody squeezed my head and put me in cold water so now I’m sad but I’m also not feeling good put somebody squeeze my head another crier whoa she cries good she’s like uh-huh I cry better.

Than cosmic Queen even though we have the same hairdo okay so these were just awesome yes.

They were this is pretty cool as well all three of our girls came with glasses as an accessory and I don’t think they all normally came with glasses so that’s pretty cool yeah let’s take a look at teacher’s pet once again she is a durable we have fresh.

Right here I love her glasses she kind of has like the cat eye glasses and then cosmic Queen super duper awesome I love the glitter on her bottle okay it is time for us to pick favorites well I.

Hate to do it but I’m going with teachers Patton taking your.

First one okay I was trying to remove we have assignment photo Simon’s not even in here for this video yet his her Reming yeah dribbling she is.

I am so sorry I’m dribbling yeah okay so you’re going with a teacher yeah she’s the only one that doesn’t have glitter on her top and bottom oh yeah I’m with her okay teacher’s pet is a great pic I want to pick cosmic Queen just because pink is my favorite color but I actually am going with.

Fresh I love the black and white yeah and I just love how glittery and cool her white hair like plus she.

Cries good she does okay guys what.

About you which one of these did you like the best and what do you think about the new glitter series leave a comment down below letting us know if you love lol surprise make sure to give the video a thumbs up and don’t forget to subscribe to PS toy reviews so you can become part of the.

Crew thanks again to mga for sending these awesome dolls our way we.

Appreciate it we will see all of you guys and next time.