Imperial Tropicals Survives Aquarium Fish | Jay Wilson

Imperial Tropicals Survives Aquarium Fish | Jay Wilson

October 16, 2018 0 By Jay Wilson

What’s up everybody I’m here with Imperial tropicals and we’re gonna do something different we’re gonna do a completely different style interview we’re gonna ask three or four question to three different people and imperial tropicals let’s go what do you do at Imperial traffic stop the office manager I do all the customer service emails I manage a social media.

And I just hope you guys find what you’re looking for awesome so if they were looking for.

Something they had some questions what should the customer do go to our website we got.

To contact this page drop me an email and she comes up.

The subject then you can just type in whatever you’d like whatever you like I’m looking for a specific fish do you have them when will they be ready how do you ship you find all this on the website but if you can’t hit the contact page Sierra will do her work give her the manager position that’s pretty.

Powerful check out their live videos check out Imperial tropicals comm and of course check out the fish all right everybody so now we’re gonna ask Mike draughty some amazing things about Imperial tropicals maybe.

Some things you’ve never even heard before what is the most memorable or most impactful thing that’s happened to Imperial tropicals since 1970.

You most memorable would be I would say longevity just to be able to stay relevant and a tough tough business you know it’s not easy a lot of fish breeders you know haven’t had.

Longevity and fish world because it’s hard to when you spend all your time breeding fish it’s hard to market them so probably you.

Know that would be our highlight would be the fact that not only do we breed the fish but we also know how to mark it on and show people the quality of the fish that.

We have you know and you guys are pretty cool with social media and getting it.

Out there really beefed up in the last I mean a couple years you’re really focused.

On a full diverse crowd not just specific.

So it’s pretty cool yeah now we like to show people what we do and people are interested to see you know the fish where they come from and you know the people that breed them I think people are really into where the fish come from you.

Know we breed a lot of fish oh this is the man imperial tropicals calm check it out you know the deal with the fish Mike.