How To Glow Up For Summer! 10 Beauty Tips For Summer!!

How To Glow Up For Summer! 10 Beauty Tips For Summer!!

November 29, 2018 0 By Bridget Lucille

Everybody it is fortune and welcome back to my channel if this is your first time is seeing my face then make sure to click the subscribe button down below so you don’t miss out on my future videos I am currently I think while you’re watching this on a road trip with my boyfriend we are going all over like.

The west coast at the southwest coast kind of like area I don’t know but if you wanted to keep up with our roadtrip I’m so so so excited make sure to.

Come follow me on Instagram I’ll probably posting the most there but make sure to subscribe here also because I will be posting vlogs and all that excites up I’m so good anyways this video is all about how to go up for summer how do I you.

Guys but the end of the semester I walked out of my last final I felt like I was happening and it but I haven’t slept in so long my skill most grows like finals I’m pretty much this whole semester just like really took it out of me so I wanted to bring you guys.

Some tips and like beauty hacks like I stuff just should like glow block and just like feel really good before summer I didn’t notice all I have to say so let’s just get into it alright so my first tip to blow up is to drink a lot of water I’m sure you guys are so sick of hearing this but I feel like it really like it to have.

An actual like glow it starts within and I totally notice it on my skin if I don’t drink a lot of water compared to what I do what I do I just look like I actually kind of have a flow my skin just.

Looks healthy and hydrated and it just looks so much better if you’re someone who just doesn’t really like the taste of water than you kids had lemon that’s what I do I try to drink lemon water at least one cup every day but we can pretty much add whatever fer you want to it sign of all where.

You guys live but where I live it’s been like the longest winter ever like I feel like just two weeks ago actually started feeling like summertime it’s not being sad at my.

Skin has been super super dry it’s just kind of saying one thing I really am trying to do more.

Of this like summer season is to exfoliate more special in the very beginning it’s good to do just like all of your body just get all that dead skin off and I’ll help your skin look.

So much more healthy alright so now I do your face I think some Linda is a very important.

Is to have a good a face cleanser a few months ago I switched to a different one and I’ve noticed such a difference this one I completely look blanking on the name but I’ll have the link oh I got it from Sephora and I just really helps get in there like really clear your pores which obviously if you want to have some kind of like glow you really.

Need to focus on your skin so I definitely recommend getting yourself a good base cleanser all right the like an excited we’ve got a very long wait during I’m the kind of.

Person who literally will cut off shape I can tell it’s the very last night so um you have my top five time every a plus I can kind of like a werewolf I both kind of thing that’s probably super gross.

But just go out there and get yourself a the razor shaving cream just shave I swear it made me feel so much better and just like more excited for summer.

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