Christmas Pie Challenge – Magic Box Toys Collector Part 358

Christmas Pie Challenge – Magic Box Toys Collector Part 358

November 29, 2018 0 By Minh Linh

Hi my name is Francesca hi I’m Lea and guess what got today forgive me Merry Christmas everybody because it’s almost Christmas and we decided to business video to show you how Jenna get these pies all ready for Christmas yeah and we’re doing a Christmas video because it’s almost Christmas we’re getting ready for Christmas by making this pie yeah.
Crystal and this will be got 15 ingredients seven of.

Them are good and seven of them are back and they’re working it on we’re going to be drawing and whichever one we get fast to cut we get a fastest stuff that we’ve.

Got inside and we’re going to be putting that in our pie and then we’re gonna bake it and then we’re gonna put them big poppings on it here’s a to one of these toppings are good and one of these topics are bad right yeah and then we have to try yeah and at the end once they’re all baked and.
Stuff we have to try it oh oh okay I see that purchase I.

So I don’t know how they’re gonna taste all the way to try apple pie before so in here is one bad ingredient and one good ingredient as our talking and then in here our 714 ingredients 7 of them are good and 7 of them are bad I love ok so I’m going to like just spread these out so they’re not like stacked up on each other like they were in the club me I want them to be please oh we don’t you put it more.

It’s like dumped on top of the cup a little more Lia you want that.

Not that much there you go all right yeah there we go so see alright so this is gonna be round two let’s set your cup to the side okay yeah she got beauty.

Glass yeah no more on that for me yes baby clams and I got apples like this young what baby.

Clams of their disgusting enjoy I feel from God really like Sam it’s the mother expand run slowly expands that’s cuz they are from the sand clams clams are on the beach Leah clams baby clams remember like I don’t know like the stuff that’s inside clams oh well let’s discus room looks like your caramel might say have a little more taste in them Leah when we’re.

Things I they live in the ocean alright now it’s all three milk chocolate chips yeah black olives Oh black olives they look with apples yeah feed those clams in my bowl okay oh my god it yes.

And my keys and my balls I think I also like to knit and my pancake Hey hi hi Wow my tie is gonna taste really good can I have one consistent okay so I love chocolate with fruit show all those chocolate is gonna melt all over.

The fruit it’s gonna be so good mom’s gonna be so bad okay raspberries I thought that was strawberries okay get a lock – or slices yummy so glad but I feel so bad for you Leah thank at least you will get to try my pie Thanks hopefully I get some more.

Good ingredients on my little pile it tastes good so both of us could enjoy right so you just keep being creative with that you have two.

Pie it’s like my old pizza I’ll be done okay yucky agreements so let’s do the next one round five I hope I get something good Red Bird red peppers oh okay this isn’t gonna be so bad I got Girt gorgonzola cheese it’s not gonna be too bad hopefully Oh I’m gonna put some I’m gonna put a lot in the middle okay okay so this I think this is enough.

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