Serenity Kids Brings Paleo-inspired Baby Food To Market

Serenity Kids Brings Paleo-inspired Baby Food To Market

December 1, 2018 0 By NOSH

Well my wife serenity and I both overcame a lot of health struggles through the Paleo diet and both had really rough childhoods from the way that we ate so we are really passionate about making kids healthier by offering nutrient-dense foods that taste great to kids but are also convenient to parents so some other companies do any two of.

The three of those but nobody’s really like making foods that are really nutritious that actually tastes good and don’t take a lot of preparation to to serve we are also passionate about making the planet healthier so.

We source all of our meat from family farmers that practice regenerative agriculture that is making the planet better with the way they raise their.

Meat so we make a baby food in a little squeeze pouch and it is the only baby food that has that is made from pasture raised well sourced meats and organic vegetables we’re the only low sugar high fat baby food on the market and we have the most percentage of meat of any.

Other baby foods and we have a huge educational component teaching moms and parents how to make their.

Own baby food how to improve their baby’s health yeah so millennial parents is.

The the big answer right the ages 18 to 35 are today’s parents and millenials when studied their two most important things to them are the environment and what they feed their kids so we feel like we have a really good.

Edge on that market with extra nutrition that we pack into our baby food pouches along with the environmental mission that’s actually making the environment better we launched our products five weeks ago my wife and I actually had our baby on the same day as our products.

Came out online we’ve been working on the brand for two years so we’re very ready for this moment so we’re growing the online sales channels we’re on thrive market Amazon one-stop.

Paleo shop and on our website and then we have eight more products coming out this year that we’re.

Pitching to retailers now we’re in discussions with Whole Foods Target Central Market HEB and Wegmans places like that so by the end.

Have a variety of retail distribution and by next year we’ll be national we have been really surprised.

About how nice everybody is in this industry we were kind of told food industry is cutthroat and competitive and maybe you don’t really want to do that and ever since we’ve started everybody’s.

Been so helpful giving us so much free time you know we didn’t know anything about of running a food company so we’ve just surrounded ourselves with experts and done.

Whatever they said and man it’s like the more advice we take and use the more they want to give us and it’s just for the first year of our company we didn’t pay anybody we just got tons of free advice and it’s been amazing the community that the natural food space has created so at the end of the day we are a marketing company you know we’re a new.

Company we’re trying to take up space in an existing category and we’re doing something new and different that requires some education to consumers about the importance of meet the the dangers of the high sugars you know why high fat diet is important for a baby so so we really need to market really well so all the different marketing resources.

We can get online commercials and in-store merchandising and all the different ways we can tell that story we believe that the retail channels and the sales and all that will come from us really telling the real story of our health and.

Our baby and our mission so my wife and I are extremely dedicated to this we both run other businesses you know that had some some entrepreneurial experience and came together for this and we’re.

Not stopping you know we thought it was going to come out in six months to a year took us two years and we’re only getting started so we’re really passionate and really dedicated to growing.

This brand and to making kids healthier and the white space is huge for this product you know it’s what babies actually need nutritionally is the polar.

Opposite of what is currently on the baby food aisle so we’re really the first company to offer baby food that is truly actually what babies need to to grow.

And thrive and we believe that that’s going to really turn the tide of what is available on baby food and we’re gonna be the first ones to do it.